Who are we?

We are a Medieval re-creation group located in Bowling Green, Ohio. A part of the Society of Creative Anacronism (SCA), the Canton of the Marche of the Marshes has been around for decades. Basically, we are facinated with Medieval times and try our best to study and re-create the better aspects of those times.

Why are we dressed funny?

Well, while clothes may not necessarily make the man, they certainly can help create an atmosphere. It is what we refer to as garb and is one of the first things most people start researching and making when joining the SCA. Being all dressed up also makes our dance nights alot more fun with swirling skirts and clunking boots

Are those people actually fighting?

Yes, we have developed quite a decent little fighting group recently. We have several men and women who don armor and take up weapons to fight. The weapons and armor are made according to specific guidelines to keep people safe as they fight for their local groups, households, baronys, and, of course, our kingdom’s King and Queen.

Is fighting the only thing to do in the SCA?

Not at all, there are many different arts and sciences with which to get involved. As stated, sewing garb is one of the first arts people research as well as cooking. Other artistic pursuits include leatherworking, music, embroidery, pottery, painting, weaving or even hound coursing.

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