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When: May 31, 2024 -June 2, 2024
Site Opens at 6pm on Friday
Site Closes at 10am on Sunday
Gate Hours: Friday 6pm till 10pm and Saturday 8am till 1pm
Where: Hancock County Fairgrounds
1017 E. Sandusky St, Findlay, Ohio 45840
(for GPS users, search for Old Mill Stream Center)


Person in Charge: Steve the Silent


(Anticipated from last year)
Friday 6:00pm till 10:00pm
Saturday 8:00am till 1:00pm


Adult Non-Members: $25
Adult Members: $15
Children (ages 17 and under): free

Event Stewards

  • Otto Kukelbrecht (Justin Collier)
    • email: marcheofthemarshes [dot] seneschal [at] midrealm [dot] org
    • phone: 419-308-0738
  • Pellegrina da Canal (Charity Goehring)
    • email: charitygoehring [at] redspears {dot} com
  • Fatima bint Malik (Lyn Cooley)
    • email: cooleylyn [at] gmail {dot} com
    • phone: 419-601-9026
AreasHeads of AreasContact Information
Gate (aka, Registration) (link)Steve the SilentEmail: theplaidknight84 [at] gmail {dot}com
MerchantsArina AldeaEmail: seneschal [at] redspears {dot} org
Phone: 419-481-5232
Arts & Sciences (link)Iosobail Mhic LeoidEmail: [email protected]
To register to teach a class, submit a registration form or email Iosobail.
Armored Combat (link)Sivrid BrumbachEmail: marshal [at] redspears {dot} org
Rapier Combat (link)Warder Crede (Alan Powers) *MiCPhone: 419-481-7632
Archery (link) Dorothea de BeckhamEmail: Dorothea [at] redspears {dot} org
Publick House (link)Fatima bint MalikEmail: coolelyn [at] gmail {dot} com
Phone: 419-601-9026
Scavenger Hunt (link)Tannas Inmhe (Kyle Hallowell)Email: Kyle {dot} hallowell [at] yahoo {dot} com
Royalty LiaisonTBDEmail:
Newcomer’s & Info PointLady Beatrix de Vezelay (Megan Schwartz)Email: Chatelaine [at] redspears {dot} org
Phone: 419-450-7818
Lunch Tavern (link)Baroness Anne BlackfeatherEmail: Valerie {dot} hallowell [at] gmail {dot} org
Tannas Inmhe (Kyle Hallowell)Email: Kyle {dot} hallowell [at] yahoo {dot} com
WebministerMargherita di Raffaele (Margaret Chrysler)Email: marcheofthemarshes {dot} webminister [at] midrealm {dot} org
Phone: (419) 601 – 1652
**Please, no calls after 10pm

Hancock County Fairgrounds entrance sign - Horizontal boards with an arched top painted green, at the top is the word Fair in block style and red, tan, and blue coloring, underneath is simple white lettering that reads: Welcome, Old Mill Stream Memorial Park

Take your best route to I75 going towards Findlay, Ohio. Exit 157 (OH-12 E/W Main Cross St). Turn Right onto Western Ave. Turn Left onto W Sandusky St (the road directly after the tracks). Continue for 1.5mi and turn right into the Hancock County Fairgrounds.

Site Features/Rules

Camping Area
Above ground firepits are allowed
Restroom Buildings (one building with showers!)
Dogs are welcome if they are leashed, well behaved, and cleaned up after
Lunch tavern for about 100
Evening cookout/potluck hosted by Their Excellencies Red Spears

Info on Area Businesses

Publick House

People in Charge:


Arts & Science Activities

Classes Coordinator:

Iosobail Mhic Leoid

Competiton Coordinator:

Event Stewards

Competition for Baronial Champion
(from their Excellencies Red Spears)

The theme we have in mind for the A&S Champion’s Competition is historically inspired pieces that are a part of someone’s persona. Example, trim specific to someone’s time period, pottery that would have been used in the region someone’s persona is from, a form of calligraphy or illumination that was found in manuscripts, armor done in a style from that person’s persona, etc. 

We want to see people take an interest in improving their kit and their “game” via A&S. 

We ask if an Entrant wishes to be considered for Champion, they do a write-up about what A&S means to them (why they want to be champion, their motivations for doing A&S, what drew them to their discipline, etc.) as well as anything they are comfortable submitting for documentation.

Entries can be submitted beginning Friday, May 31st at Black Swamp War Games and entries must be submitted by Saturday, June 1st at 12:00pm (noon). Their Excellencies will review the entries after lunch (at Their leisure) with the new Red Spears’ A&S Champion to be announced during Saturday’s evening court.

Scavenger Hunt

Person in Charge:

Tannas Inmhe (Kyle Hallowell)


Black Swamp Games logo links to Facebook page

Join us for a day of fun and riddles!
The Barony of Red Spears is requesting all dragon adventurers to partake in a quest to assist our supply caravans in traversing the murky Black Swamp. Upon entry, show your credentials to our gate troll to receive a quest booklet that will guide your path through the day’s challenges. Enhance your artisanal skills, learn to waylay bandits, and obtain necessary information from minstrels and rogues around the event. Help us gather supplies and join our Baronage in a potluck barbeque feast. Partake in additional classes, a dragon egg hunt, and fun tournaments to your heart’s content. Bring some whimsy back to our society and join us in fun at our second Black Swamp War Games!

Armored Combat

Person in Charge:

Sivrid Brumbach

9:30am –
Authorizations and Inspections
10:00am –
Baronial Championship
Everyone is encouraged to participate
The new armored champion will be chosen by Their Excellencies’.
11:00am –
Great Sword Tournament
12:00pm –
1:00pm –
Melees (TBD) and
Open list (if there are enough marshals)

Rapier Combat

Person in Charge:

Warder Crede (Alan Powers)

Outside of the scheduled activities we will try to have a Sparring List open for those not participating in the tournaments.

YOUTH RAPIER:  Provisional if Youth Rapier Marshal available.

NOVICE TOURNEY*: The Tournament will be held with a minimum of 5 fighters. Those fighting for 3 years or less with no kingdom level rapier awards, and who have not won a tourney (of 5 or more fighters) are eligible. Round-Robin, best of 3 passes (most likely)

Format – TBD

Dungeons & Dragons Dice Tournament***

1: Fighter – Armored as worn; Rigid Parry, case of rapier, or 2-handed rapier

2: Magic-User – You can only use dagger and either an off-hand, non-rigid parry or 1 of 3 ‘spells’: 

  • Hold Person (saved for ½ effect!): Opponent is immobile and may only use off-hand (standing in place, ignore leg shots) Duration 1 minute
  • Mirror Image: you get 2 dagger armed images, randomly determine which of the 3 the real target is.  Images may defend but not attack and ‘pop’ (go away) when hit. Duration: 2 minutes
  • Weapon Shrink: Swords shrink to daggers; daggers disappear.  Magic-User types 

(M-U’s and Necromancers) automatically make their ‘Save’.  Duration 1 minute

3: Cleric/Paladin – Single or Off-Hand Parry; may heal any 1 wound – body or limb (Hold & re-set) 

4: Thief – May use Rapier & Dagger, or Rapier & 1 ‘throwing dagger’.

5: Druid: Single Rapier only with 1 of 3 ‘spells’:

  • Bark Skin: May ignore limb wounds.  Duration: 1 minute.
  • Entangle: Opponent(s) is/are immobile (standing in place, ignore leg shots) Duration 2 minutes
  • Magic Acorn: Thrown at opponent; Duration 1 minute; hits:
    • head – stunned – may defend only
    • Body/legs – Opponent is immobile (standing in place, ignore leg shots)
    • Arm (includes weapon/off-hand parry) – arm is immobile, held against body.

6: Assassin – (Poison) dagger only; may opt to also use non-rigid parry.

7: Necromancer – Dagger only but you may summon your last defeated opponent to fight for you.  

  • Summoned minions have no spells.

8: Participant’s choice.

Time TBDRed Spears Baronial Rapier Championship
9:00am –
10:00am –
Novice Tourney*
Cut & Thrust – Tournament included**
Youth Rapier – if Marshal available (TBD)
12:00pm –
1:00pm –
D&D Dice Tourney v.3: 1***
3:00pm –
Melee Practice/5-Person Melee
4:00pmRapier Lists Close
Dark-ish –
? AM
Revelry done Right (location TBD)

Cut and Thrust**
“Like it’s a Real Sword” Sidesword Tourney

Single sword only Cut and Thrust tourney, with a max blade length of 38”. Fight like it’s a real sword! Double kills eliminate both fighters. Lost hands and arms remain injured for the next round before “healing.”

Depending on the number of participants, the tournament will be either single elimination, or allow one “resurrection” per fighter. Any entrant who authorizes for C&T for the first time at Black Swamp War Games will receive an additional resurrection.

Don’t sink in the swamp! Any fighter who steps out of bounds or touches the boundary ropes of the list will be given a warning and reset, with the second violation resulting in a loss.

The winner receives a hand-embroidered token.


Person in Charge:

Dorothea de Beckham

​A limited amount of loaner equipment will be available.

Children under 12 must have a parent or guardian with them at the archery range.

Targets include traditional stands, ground targets and Quest setup

Equipment inspections start after range set up

Marion will be marshalling combat archery for a static target on the same archery line.

Note: Schedule subject to change based on event dynamics and organizer’s discretion.

9:00 AM –
10:00 AM
Range Setup,
Equipment Inspections (after setup)
10:00 AM –
12:00 PM
Morning Session:
Range opens for archery and atlatl.
Quest, Open Targets and Atlatl will be running on the same line.
Atlatl will run when the marshal is available.
12:00 PM –
1:00 PM
Lunch Break
1:00 PM –
4:00 PM
Afternoon Session:
Continuation of archery and atlatl activities​
Red Spears Baronial Archery Championship
4:00 PM –
5:00 PM
Cleanup and Closing:
Dismantle targets, range and equipment
Return borrowed bows and arrows

Cookout After Court

Leading the Fun:

Their Excellencies Leofric and Aislin

One and All, come and celebrate with Red Spears after a day full of fun and adventure. 

Immediately following evening court, Their Excellencies Leofric and Aislin welcome all to join in their cookout feast. Bring side-dishes, protein, drinks or stories and enjoy in the hospitality and camaraderie our Barony has to offer. Allow us to help bring in the fesitivies of the evening with good food cooked over the fire.

Please check back regularly!

More updates should be posted soon.

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