Monthly Schedule

The March of the Marshes meetings are unique because we are fairly centrally located and draw members from throughout the Barony of Red Spears. The location is also large enough to accommodate both A&S and martial activities at once, bringing everyone together in one place for projects, training, dancing, and socializing. The combat activities are overseen by the local marshals, on the armored list and on the rapier list.

Note: As we start back up from the pandemic, we will be a getting together at the Woodland Mall. As we slowly build up to regular activities, we may get back to the following:

Each week is themed and dedicated to a specific activity:

First Thursday – Dance Night!
Learn and practice medieval dances. Especially fun when Sally can come down to teach new dances!
The main floor belongs to the dancers unless we have no dance master, mistress, or music.

Second Thursday – Arts & Science Class
A special topic is taught and discussed! Learn a new skill or improve on an old one.

Third Thursday – Fight Night

Fourth Thursday – Youth Combat
Youth, 6-17, sparring and training in youth combat.

Fifth Thursday – Dessert Revel
When a month has five Thursdays, we celebrate!
Bring a dish, medieval or otherwise, to share in a dessert potluck.