Welcome to the Marche of the Marshes!

More Big (but less happy) News!

(3/12/2020) In addition to events, practices & meetings will not occur through the rest of March due to the current public health concern over the COVID-19 (corona) virus. For our Kingdom Seneschal’s announcement on this, please see:

While we love doing what we do in the SCA, the health and safety of individuals are most important. A re-evaluation of the state of things will occur at the end of March, so tune in at that time for more information.

Big News! Big News!

We have a new meeting site for the weekly meetings!

CROSSFIT Bowling Green will be graciously sharing their facilities with us on Thursday nights starting around 7:30pm beginning in March 2020. (on hold for now, see above) There is space for fighting lists inside and a half-walled lobby area for non-marshal activities. Also, once weather gets warmer, there is access to the alley out back for us to get out and play in the sun!

The address for the new location is:
1039 Haskins Road Unit F, Bowling Green, Ohio

See you there on Thursday!

We are a group of the Society for Creative Anachronism, an organization dedicated to the study and re-creation of pre-17th century Europe and its connected cultures. The organization has several different areas activities that we study and re-create.

Martial activities include armored combat, rapier combat, thrown weapons, archery, and even siege weapons. All of which are carefully marshaled (refereed) and trained using activity-appropriate armor (personal protection) and weapons to maximize safety of the participants.
Arts & Sciences include nearly any craft or skill that would have been used on a regular basis to create items such as spinning, sewing, leather working, blacksmithing, cooking, embroidery, bead making, calligraphy, illumination, music, dancing, and many, many others.
Protocols, Service, and Niceties are what creates the basic atmosphere of the SCA and its activities. Bowing to the the King and/or Queen, carrying things for royalty, helping your camping neighbor or group set up their tent(s), and the “thank-yous” for the assistance help to make the SCA a great place to spend ones free time.

The Canton of the March of the Marshes, is located in Bowling Green, Ohio and is a part of the Barony of Red Spears (northwest Ohio) within the Kingdom of the Middle (part of the Midwest in the United States).  For more map information, check out: Middle Kingdom Cartographer’s page or SCA Geography page.

Notes from Business Meeting May 16, 2019

  • New meeting space at CrossFit BG – $1200/yr for meeting space
    Alley way available during good weather. Distinct area for folks who don’t fight. Discussion about cleaning and locking procedures. Meeting time would start at 7:30pm-ish. At least one full year. (Motion to vote to approve – Nate, second – Dan, in favor – everyone 16+ people)
  • Opened floor for random
  • Captain has a bid for NORAD. Bradner Preserve on S.R.23 for the site. Sept 19. Indoor/outdoor options. Need overflow parking, portajohns and tents. Budget$ in question, hoping to get about 75 people or so. Captain autocrat. Aislin feastocrat. (Motion to vote on allowing him to book, second – Raff, in favor – 12, opposed – 0)
  • Nate brought up loaner armor, retiring a helm. Bringing up the idea of fixing things.
  • Cynnabar visited Toledo meeting. Fun times! Maybe coordinating a trip to attend one of their fight practices.
  • Lynette has a demo idea. Doing a program for their summer reading thing at a library in “Oakford” area. Mainly focused on what we do as a way children can learn about. Hands on. June 8 – Aug 2. Any time during that time to come up with a day to do it.