February 2024


We had a really great armored and rapier combat night!


We did a short Intro to Healdric Device class, courtesy of our Marche Herald, Robert FitzRobert!
We’ve secured a spot at Animarathon, which takes place on Saturday, April 23rd! We have the Union Theater Room (206) 10am to 11:30am, and we can have show fights with both armored and rapier, though we can have no audience participation for fighting. We can do all the A&S stuff we want though and we get 3 people in for free.

As for Black Swamp War Games, we still need an A&S Tournament coordinator, and some gate workers. The Autocrats also intend to start getting vendors lined up.

Next week is Dessert Revel! Period recipes preferred, individual servings also preferred.

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