Meeting Notes 2018

Meeting Notes from (12-6-2018)

  • Liz (Gabrielle) – will not be at Yule Feast, but arrangements will be made to cover A&S and baronial A&S competition. She would also like to step down as MoAS by the first of the year, contact her for more information Largesse Exchange should be completed by Christmas or the first of the year at the latest.
  • Bronwyn – No royalty will be attending Yule Feast, but Their Excellencies could use retainers.
  • Margaret (Margherita) – Need volunteers for gate at Yule Feast
  • Alan – No NORAD is currently scheduled. Is the group interested in possibly hosting it? (positive feedback, no actual vote)
  • Aislin – we still need meeting space!
  • Kate – There will be a gaming room at Yule Feast which is a new step for the Fjord

Meeting Notes from (11-9-2018)

  • Phil (Raff) – exchequer report: “we got dough” However, with needing to find a new site to find and pay for let’s stay frugal. We also need to store group stuff – contact him with ideas.
  • Liz (Gabrielle) – see her for largesse gift exchange
  • Uthan – new kingdom web portal: individuals may have multiple accounts  that need to be merged before they can log in.
  • Olivier – Yule Feast Royalty Liason: Her Highness may be coming, but it will be a last minute decision.

Meeting Notes from (10-4-2018)

  • Liz (Gabrielle) – will be coordinating a Yule gift exchange if there is enough interest. Please see her if you would like to participate. January’s class will be stick weaving. A fun craft for youth and adults alike. Liz will be stepping down as Minister of Arts and Sciences. Please see her if you are interested in the position for more information.
  • Olivier – Yule Feast Royalty Liason & looking for someone who might be interested in learning how to be a group’s Royalty Liason
  • Kate – coordinator for Yule Feasst classes. Please see her if you would like to teach a class or if there is a particular class you would like to see there
  • (Frankie) – current Baronial A&S champion will be turning over the mantle at Yule Feast. If you would like to represent the Barony as the A&S champion, bring your best work to Yule Feast.

Meeting Notes from (9-6-2018)

  • Myriah – Cooks guild will be having a bake sale/item trade on September 27th. Bring things to trade and dollars for yummy food
  • Aislin – acknowledging a member’s birthday
  • Baronial Court – The Gerken family awarded the Order of the Histati Aislin (regency court) was inducted into the Order of The Red Company

Meeting Notes from (8-16-2018)

  • Olivier – demo in Celina at Grand Lake Expo. See Grenamere group
  • Liz (Gabrielle) – looking for folks to teach classes the rest of the year on the second Thursday of the month Pounce will have an A&S competition – see her for details Swanton Library is looking for a blacksmith to demo on September 15th from 11am-3pm
  • Drust – requested use of large pavillion on September 15th. Group voted to approve.

Meeting Notes from (7-5-2018)

  • Uthan – Baronial Seneschal – the next baronial meeting will be on July 15th at Uthan’s home. Meeting time will be 3pm, but folks are welcome to begin arriving at 2pm. Archery and thrown weapons activities can be accomadated there and next year’s Day of Ranged Weapons will begin planning.
  • Rowland – Pounce comes up quickly after Pennsic. If you would like to teach a class, please see the Pounce website for more information.
  • Gabrielle – A&S next week: Projecting for Pennsic!
  • Raffaele (exhequer) – Baron Wars netted $270 in profit. If you would like more information on the financial status of the group, please contact him.
  • Hrothgar – It has been noticed that names have been dropping off of (out of) the Marshal’s Database. Please double check your information is in there if you utilize this to prove your authorizations.
  • Uthan – Baron Wars next year: the fairgrounds has allowed us to roll over our deposit once again for next year and they have reserved equestrian areas for our group. Unfortunately, new rules in Wood County/Bowling Green will require a [very expensive] per day license if there is to be *any* alcohol on site for events. Plus, the new building’s rental cost has not been set yet. There will also be re-opening looking into and negotiating with Ghost Town (approved unanimously through a vote).
  • Aislin – Is still trying to communicate with the City Park District to see about extending our time with them since the demolition of the Veteran’s Building appears to be delayed. But we can’t wait just in case an extension of the contract is not possible.

Meeting Notes from (6-7-2018)

  • Gabrielle (Liz Poulson) – Baron Wars is in two weeks! There will be a massive stamping of belt favors next week – come play with paint! Volunteers will be needed for retaining shifts and to assist at gate please sign up for a shift or two so none of your fellow group members have to do it all day! We will be loading up for transport of stuff on June 21 at Bea and Ari’s place. Please ask if you need their address.
  • Ann Baker – Please check out the volunteer web page and sign up for a shift or two at gate so we can meet requirements and not force anyone to stay there all day.
  • Ann/Gabrielle – If you have anything you would like to donate to a gift basket for Their Majesties and Their Highnesses, please give it to Ann or Gabrielle
  • Hrothgar – Iron Lance is looking for ways to help out. Let’s find something for our local mercenary group to help out with. Contact an autocrat if you have an idea.
  • Uthan – We will not be able to rent a golf cart from the Fairgrounds due to their insurance restrictions.
  • Konrad – April Letter of Acceptance and Returns (? I’m sure my pelican will correct me -Margaret,webmin) is in/released. The Barony has many badges, specifically related to several awards that were approved in this round. Feel free to look them up and use the badges as is appropriate to your awards. Also, Angelique and (Hiccup) had registrations that were approved.
  • Raffaele – The Marche still has money! However, if we accept the Big Fab Lab’s offer, it would run out very quickly. For more details, see Raffaele or Aislin. As a result of a cost prohibitive financial requirements of the Big Fab Lab, we are still looking for a new meeting site. It’s crunch time! All ideas are being entertained at this point.
  • Aislin – Is communicating with the City Park District to see about extending our time with them since the demolition of the Veteran’s Building appears to be delayed. But we can’t wait just in case an extension of the contract is not possible.

Meeting Notes from (5-10-2018)

  • Gabrielle (Liz Poulson) – Baron Wars site tokens are in progress! Stamping will begin in the next couple weeks, so wear clothing appropriate for playing with paints. There are also more belt favors to be assembled if you are not interested in stamping. Keep an eye out for volunteer sign-ups for Baron Wars!
  • Olivier – we are in need of volunteers for retainers for royalty attending Baron Wars
  • Rowland – Merlin’s Merry Minions is in one week.
  • Fatima – is coordinating youth rapier practices and would like to put together some loaner rapier kits for youth
  • Alan – Rowland is our newest rapier authorized fighter New baronial rapier marshal is DeOrsa
  • Raffaele (exchequer) – we have money (approximately $14,000). If you need checks for Baron Wars, get in touch with him.
  • Aislin – The Big Fab Lab is currently unresponsive, so please continue to search for a new meeting space.

Meeting About the Big Fab Lab (4-25-2018)

  • Aislin – We are going to have a small meeting after business meeting (5-3-2018) for those who are interested in talking about the Fab Lab meeting place. If you want to be there make sure you tell me [Aislin] so I can make sure to include you – or message me your questions/comments.
  • If you have a suggestion for our next meeting place, please contact Aislin with the information.

Meeting Notes from (4-5-2018)

  • Gabrielle (Liz Poulson) – Baron Wars will be needing people to volunteer for shifts in retaining and working gate. Please contact donate some of your time to make our event exceptional! She is also putting together the list of classes, so if you are or want to tech at Baron Wars let her know and get information about your class to her. Also for Baron Wars belt favors are currently being made as site tokens. They are currently in the assembly stage to be followed by paint stamping a fun design.
  • Beatrix – She is stepping down as Red Spears Chatelaine after several years of service (Thank You Bea!) and Olivier has been voted into that position. Please contact him for Chatelaine-y stuff. She is also stepping up as one of the Deputy Regional Chatelaines for North Oaken. Congratulations! First official business – please get your reports in on time so your next level up can get theirs done on time. Thanks! Baron Wars – Beatrix will be running a combined Newcomers/Info Point which will need people to volunteers to man it. Also, she will be coordinating a raffle oriented toward items newcomers might use, so if you have feast gear, brooches, or anything a person new to the SCA could use which you are willing to part with, please get it to her.
  • Olivier – is the new Chatelaine for the Barony of Red Spears! Please get your reports in on time so he is able to do the same. In addition to volunteering some time at Baron Wars, #PennsicIsComing! Please consider volunteering at Newcomer’s Point this year – bonuses include shaded area near Gate, possible power to charge phones, and helping guide folks who are brave enough to make Pennsic one of their first events.
  • Ari – Woodworking Wednesdays! Their house will be hosting open house projecting on Wednesday evenings where there’s a woodworking shop and plenty of space to set up tents, etc.
  • Rowland – is coordinating a Bardic Circle at Baron Wars to be held near the Turkish Cafe. Contact him if you’d like to help out and/or perform
  • Aislin – The Big Fab Lab still hosts open house activities on Thursdays from 6-8pm. Stop by to check it out as a possible new meeting location, or for the fun things that they have. Recommendations are still being taken/entertained for new meeting space as the park will be demolishing the Veteran’s Building where we currently meet.
  • Raffaele – (exchequer monthly report) the group currently has approximately $14,000 in the bank which has switched from Huntington to 5/3rd Bank as it is more amenable to the SCA’s needs.
  • His Excellency Konrad – Day of Ranged Weaponry is regrettably cancelled due to poor site conditions and weather preditions. Merlin’s Merry Minions will be the next event in the barony and baronial court with the archery and thrown weapons champions also chosen there.

Meeting Notes from (3-8-2018)

  • Raffaele (Exchequer) -new bank account at Fifth Third Bank has passed corporate level and is getting set up – this should be completed in the next week or so
  • Beatrix de Vezelay – is teaching an introductory scribal class tonight so come learn & play! She is also running Information/Newcomer’s Point at Baron Wars this year. She is looking for folks to volunteer an hour or so of their time to help out and donations for basic feast gear for a raffle.
  • Olivier (Chatelaine) – Baron Wars Royalty Liason: retaining shifts schedule will happen soon.   Marche of the Marshes Chatelaine – Olivier will be vacating the Marche Chatelaine position to take over the Red Spears baronial Chatelaine position. If you are interested in taking over the Marche Chatelaine position, please contact Aislin de Tanet.
  • Gabrielle (MoAS) – is working on making favors to be stamped for Baron Wars 20 site tokens. The goal is to make 1000 tokens so please everyone help out as much as possible. Baron Wars is still in need of a head gatekeeper – contact Gabrielle or Uthan if interested.   The A&S report is due at the end of March so please let her know what you have been doing.  This year’s A&S challenge: learn one new thing, learn it in depth, and possibly even teach it to someone else.
  • Baron Konrad – Day of Ranged Weaponry is coming up in April. This is a donation only event, so it’s great for bringing new people. Get award recommendations in by St. Patrick’s Day, unless you are volunteering to do the scroll for the award yourself. As always, Middle Kingdom awards can be put in at any time – now is a great time to start submitting for Baron Wars.
  • Request by Guillieme for Day of Ranged Weapons: Barony would like to use the Regent and A&S tent for the event in April.  Voted on: none opposed.
  • Aislin (Seneschal) – will be contacting various suggested places for new meeting space for the Marche. If you have an idea for a new place, please get information about it to Aislin as soon as possible.
  • Rowland – Merlin’s Merry Minions is May 19. This is an archery focused event with some rapier and cut & thrust. Camping is available, but you Must R.S.V.P. to camp! Check out the event web site for more details.
  • Kate (Fjordr MoAS) – Tuesday (3/13/18) at the Fjordr meeting they will be making baklava under the direction of Myriah. Come out to make yummy stuff.

Meeting Notes from (2-1-2018)

  • Gaivs the Mad is stepping down as Knight’s Marshal for the canton and Hrothgar Varghoss-GreyWolf has volunteered to replace him in that position. Hrothgar was voted in with no opposition.
  • Aislin: Tonight we are accepting bids, discussing, and voting on Baron Wars event stewards and budgets. The Bowling Green Parks office has gotten back to Aislin with the cost ($600) for the Veteran’s Building through July. A vote to approve the payment of $600 for use of the building passed with no opposition. We are still on the hunt for a new meeting place. The Big Fab Lab requires every person entering their place to have a membership (see Also there was some discussion of meeting outside of the Big Fab Lab in the mall. Other options for meeting space are, as always, quite welcome.
  • Baron Wars Bids:  Gabrielle and Uthan submitted a bid proposal for Baron Wars to be at the Wood County Fairgrounds again this year with a few modifications. Archery will be held in the fenced field of the grandstand (this will meet with all local rules/ordinances and allow the activity to be outdoors), the arena and buildings for equestrian activities and housing will be available to us this year, several porta-johns will be added this year for convenience, and RV camping with electric and water will be available. Given that there were no other bids submitted, Raffaele moved that we vote for this bid, seconded by El’Aria. The motion to accept Uthan and Gabriella’s bid for Baron Wars at the Wood County Fairgrounds again passed with a vote of 12 for and 0 against.
  • Raffaele provided the Marche’s exchequer report having completed the doomsday and confirmed that the groups has funds to support the Baron Wars bid. (Specifics were announced in the meeting. If you were not able to be there and would like to know the specific account balance, etc., please contact the exchequer – Raffaele.)
  • Gabriella: There is currently no class scheduled for next week (second thursday of February), however Beatrix will be teaching how to do scrolls/illumination in March. The class is open to everyone, but if you have supplies for scroll work (bristol, paints, brushes, pencils, erasers, rulers, water cups, paper towels, etc.) please bring them.
  • Hrothgar will be doing a “wrap class” after tonight’s business meeting.
  • Margherita as the local webminister is in need of a deputy. If you are interested in working with the group’s “web stuff”, specifically WordPress, please contact her.
  • His Excellency Konrad had an announcement from the baronial meeting that the positions of baronial chronicler and baronial chatelaine are open. Please see the baronial seneschal if you are interested or would like more information.

Meeting Notes from (1-4-2018)

  • Gabrielle – There are currently no A&S classes scheduled for this year. If there is something you are interested in learning or would like to teach, please contact her. She is challenging everyone to pick one thing that is new to them and spend the year learning about it and doing the new activity to gain a new skill.
  • Raffaele – Vote in a new Financial Committee Officer which is needed in addition to the group exchequer and seneschal. Volunteering were: Gabrielle, Craidth, and Anna Baker. In a close vote, Gabrielle was voted into the position.   Basic report: Although we do have money in the bank, the signatories are sorely out of date. Because of this and the difficulty in adding signatories to Huntington’s accounts, the group’s funds will be inaccessible until the move to 5/3 bank is completed. The process is currently on hold at the Society level until a change of officer at that level is completed.
  • Aislin – Official paperwork for renewing the Veteran’s Building rental is in the works for the first half of this year. The cost will be presented to be voted on once she hears from the Park District to know what it is. Please keep looking for and bringing in information for a new meeting place as the City Park’s buildings will be demolished in the middle of this year. Baron Wars needs to start spinning up, so if you have a site and/or would like to present a bid for Baron Wars please have it ready as soon as possible!
  • Olivier – Challenge for Gold Key: it’s a great time to go through your garb and donate anything to group Gold Key that is still in good shape but you just don’t wear anymore. Also, Kingdom is reporting a decline in new people joining our fun organization. Please remember we are all ambassadors for this wonderful hobby of ours!
  • Margherita – a former SCAdian and friend of mine works in a nursing home in Perrysburg. If you have a presentation or activity you would like to share with the folks there, let me know so I can get you two in touch.
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